• We service NY, NJ, CN, & PA


E+E Group was founded in 1999 with the sole purpose of providing outstanding service in the industrial and production industries. Our dedication to waste stream management and our unparalleled expertise regarding thermal oxidizers, industrial ovens, and inspections specific to the manufacturing and industrial industries have made us leaders in our field. E+E Group seeks to provide unparalleled service to each of our clients.

E+E Group



Humble Beginnings

We started out as E&E Services. Our competitors all seemed to focus on the sale of air pollution control equipment, such as thermal oxidizers, but lacked any focus on service. We were different in that we decided to focus on the service aspect and thus our clients.


As the company grew and our clientele had greater needs than just service we expanded our offerings to include a wider range of services and a greater focus on providing hardware. Thus the name was changed to be more inclusive and E+E Group was formed.


We currently offer service in four states and have steadily expanded our offerings to include all manner of air pollution control equipment and services as well as inspections, demolition, fabrication, and more.